Lee Ji-ah


Lee Ji-ah

Real Name:

Kim Sang-Eun ( 김상은 )




February 2, 1977


Seoul, South Korea






Seo Taeji(Divorced )


The Legend


Han Jae-hui

Lee Ji-ah (이지아) (February 2, 1977) is actress and singer who started as Han Jae-hui in ATHENA . her real name was Kim Sang Eun (김상은) was born in South Korea. She moved to the U.S. while in elementary school in 1993 she met her ex future husband Seo Taiji who was lead singer of Seo Taiji and Boys and they were married at 1997 in Las Vegas when Taiji retired as singer. in 2007 Ji-ah become famous as Suzini in The Legend as Bae Yoon-jun's love interest when she beating famous actresses include Kim Tae-hee who later stars as Choi Seung-hee and she hiding her birthdate 1981 . At the 2007 MBC Drama Awards, Lee Ji Ah got lots of attention for a dress she designed herself. In addition, she received a total of three awards for 'Best New Actress', 'Popularity Award', and the 'Best Couple Award (with Bae Yong Jun)' she dating her co-star Jung Woo-sung who played Lee Jung-woo . On April 21, 2011 it was discovered that she had been secretly married to singer Seo Taiji for 9 years. The couple had managed to hide their marriage from the public. They had already divorced but Lee was suing Seo for 500 million Won in alimony and 5 billion Won of his assets. They were only discovered when reports began circulating of the couple’s second court appearance. It was also revealed that she had lied about her age and that she was born in 1977 and had married in 1997 when she was 20. She had also been using a different name, with her real name being Kim Sang-eun. Lee’s agency, KeyEast, released a statement stating “Not only did we have no idea about the lawsuit, but we had no idea of Lee Ji Ah’s marriage to Seo Taiji. We are currently unable to reach contact with her.” Many of those that are close to the ex-couple also stated they had not known including people from Seo Taiji Company, Seo’s management company, who said that all they knew was Seo frequented other countries, and they had no idea where he went or what he did. His managers also hadn't known, stating that they would have felt paranoid about a leak if they knew of the marriage. Yang Hyun-seok, head of YG Entertainment and an old band member of Seo, also said that he knew nothing of the marriage. Lee’s current boyfriend, actor Jung Woo Sung also released a statement saying he had not known of her marriage. In April 30, 2011, Lee withdraws her lawsuit against Seo and later released a press statement caused fans are shocked and angry


  • 44th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress
  • 2007 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress
  • 2007 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award
  • 2007 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Bae Yong Jun)

Tv SeriesEdit

  • Me Too Flower
  • Athena: Goddess of War(2010) as Han Jae-hui
  • Style (2009)
  • Beethoven Virus (2007)
  • The Legend (2007)